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Acupuncture Testimonials


Here are a few acupuncture testimonials given over the last several years. If you would like to add your experience, please feel free to email it to us with the title "Testimonial".

Sinusitis and Headaches

Prior to coming to Celisha, I was taking Claritin daily to control sinus pressure and headaches. After she recommended Hista-eze, I have eliminated the use of Claritin all together and I have had no issues at all.



Painful Periods and Fibroids


I just wanted to thank Dr. Celisha Gerber for my recent success from her acupuncture treatments. After 2 treatments, I noticed a decrease in my extreme fibroid symptoms. My period was not as heavy and there was significantly less pain. I was able to be productive on days when I was typically bedridden. Thanks Celisha! Looking forward to my future treatments and symptom reductions!




I got an MRI two weeks ago and the fibroids have shrunk from nearly 5 cm to 3.8cm! Thanks for being a great doctor!




I am grateful for your acupuncture treatment. Please continue to help people with your gift because you are talented and so many women need this. There are so many Facebook groups with women just like me, seeking help because traditional medicine seeks to remove our organs rather than find the cause/solution of the problem.



Variety of Health Concerns


Dr. Gerber has the most gentle and amazing hands! I had been reluctant to try acupuncture but, dealing with several health issues that other medical professionals had given me little to no help with, I decided to give it a try. There were immediate results! I just wish I had decided to come see Dr. Gerber much sooner!


Plantar Faciitis and Pinched Nerves

I am a prominent business owner with national and international locations. My position requires extensive national and international travel several times a year. As a result, I have developed plantar fasciitis, pinched nerves, and neck stress.


Like most individuals, my time is valuable and cannot afford the time for numerous doctor visits and treatments that end with nominal to no results. I needed a permanent solution to my medical condition that doesn’t take weeks, months or even years to see and feel relief.


After 6 months of severe pain from plantar fasciitis, with skepticism, I decided to try acupuncture. Dr. Celisha Gerber, ND, LAc was fantastic. Words cannot describe how remarkable I feel and what amazing doctor she is. After the first acupuncture session, I could tell immediate improvement in my feet. She put me at ease and walked me through the entire process, explaining what she was doing and how it would improve areas where I was experiencing pain.


I have now become a life long believer and advocate of acupuncture and Dr. Celisha Gerber, ND, LAc. She is an expert in her field. I highly recommend her and her bedside manner. Not only has she alleviated the pain from planter fasciitis, she has also aided in relief from a pinched nerve in my neck and neck stress.

I highly recommend Dr. Celisha Gerber, ND, LAc for your acupuncture needs.


Water Retention

I have been retaining water. Today in my acupuncture visit, we addressed an acupuncture point for the retention of water. Halfway through my session, I had this uncomfortable urge to use the bathroom. I urinated like I had drunk a couple of cups of water. I came back to the table and continued my session and I experienced a state of relaxation that I can’t even describe.



Ear Infection and Pain

I got a severe outer ear infection. I couldn’t sleep for 3 days from the pain. I tried drops of all types, I tried antibiotics, but finally I broke down and went for an acupuncture treatment (I hate needles, but I was desperate). A few needles around my ear took the pain away immediately. I actually fell asleep right there on the treatment table! That was just the beginning because from that point on the ear seemed to get better and better. All I needed was one treatment.




I had just moved to this country and was dealing with the stress of a new culture and new foods. I was suffering from terrible constipation. I did not think it would help, but I gave acupuncture a try. Dr. Celisha Gerber, ND, LAc caused my bowels to move with just one treatment that consisted of 8 needles. It was such a relief!




Knee Pain and Weightloss

I had knee pain and after an acupuncture treatment, it cleared up! Dr. Gerber, ND, LAc also identified that I was allergic to whey (milk protein) and was able to avoid that and lose weight from inflammation that had been causing abdominal pain. 


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