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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions you would like answered, please, do not hesitate to send an email. 


Can you work with my doctor?


I strive to work with you, and any other practitioner of your choice, in a team effort to help you reach your optimal health goals. Our bodies are an amazing piece of machinery that, when well cared for, works as it should. By removing obstacles to healing, our body naturally returns to a state of health. 


What is acupuncture?


Acupuncture is a form of health care used to promote, maintain, and restore health and to prevent disease. Oriental medicine dates back a few thousand year and has come to be what it is now, based on the study of nature and human physiology. Acupuncture uses very thin needles (about the diameter of a human hair) and is inserted into the skin in specific points to create physiological changes and improve body function. Studies show acupuncture to create changes on the cellular level, the chemical level, and the hormone level. This makes it an effective way to address a number of different health concerns: immune imbalances, hormone irregularities, pain issues, blood pressure and blood sugar problems, metabolic issues, emotional challenges, and more. Acupuncture is a low-intervention alternative to surgery and pharmaceuticals. 


How does acupuncture work?


Technology at this point is not effective in determining exactly how the needle interacts with the cell components to produce the changes that occur, but we do see clinical cause and effect that indicate changes on the cellular, chemical, electrical and hormonal levels, having positive effects on the circulatory, musculoskeletal, nervous, hormonal, digestive, respiratory and all the other organ systems. Depending on whether the issue is acute or chronic, changes can be seen very quickly or moderately over time. Even though changes start to occur immediately, on average, a good rule of thumb is that it will take about one month to show improvement for what took a year to break down. If there is a genetic weakness or a constant environmental aggravator, you will probably need on-going maintenance for optimal health.  The fastest recovery and maintenance of well-being is seen when incorporating all the "BASICS". 


Is acupuncture related to a religion, or in conflict with Christianity?


Acupuncture is an ancient medicinal art used today to prevent and treat health issues related to poor function on the cellular level by helping to correct and improve function. While many of our neighbors in the eastern world practice a religion other than Christianity, acupuncture itself is not connected with religion. Oriental medicine, as conventional medicine, uses the study of human physiology and the body's natural responses to our internal and external environment to help the body return to a state of health when there is an imbalance. The terminology of the physiology may be unfamiliar to the western world, but the Oriental understanding of the body's internal workings are extremely helpful in addressing health issues naturally. 


What should I do to prepare for my 1st visit?


It is good to have in mind your goals for improving your health. While I will do an intake check of all systems, we will focus only on a couple of the most important issues at a time to not overwhelm you. As issues clear up, we will move on to other issues you have. Once we have taken care of everything, we will move into a maintenance program to make sure your health remains at the level you desire.


For your first visit, follow this checklist to give us plenty of time to put together a treatment plan.

  • Bring all your completed forms (consent forms and intake form)

  • Bring in the bottles of the supplements and medications you are taking

  • Bring in copies of all labs you have had in the last year

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