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Quality Supplements

Nutritional supplements are not all created equal. We have chosen particular supplements for their high quality ingredients, state of the art manufacturing processes, and science-based formulations.


Over-the-counter supplement brands, including those you would find at a health food store, often contain questionable additives like dyes, sugar, soy, gluten, fillers, and high fructose corn syrup; they even sometimes contain less of the active ingredients than are stated on the label. With little regulation in place for the supplement industry, it is important to trust the source of nutraceutical products.

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We confidently recommend these supplements because we know our patients are getting quality, clean ingredients that meet or exceed label claims, and are in bio-available forms for maximum efficacy. These supplements are tested by a third-party lab for identity, potency, and unwanted contaminants like heavy metals, mold, and pesticides. This means you are getting what’s on the label, with nothing undesirable. 


It is important to us to recommend supplements that will positively impact your health, and therefore we have chosen products that we know contain effective ingredients at therapeutic doses. We feel these are worth the investment, as they are an integral piece of your path to wellness.

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